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Chicago native and Los Angeles resident Colette has a unique career trajectory and influence as an international DJ, singer, songwriter, and landmark figure of American Dance Music. A founding member of the pioneering DJ collective, Superjane—along with DJ Heather, Lady D, and Dayhota—Colette has been an integral part of the Midwestern Underground since 1994.

From her first mixtape in 1998 “Floating By” to her 2022 production commencement of her fifth studio album, she has blazed her own distinctive trail through electronic music.An alto since early adolescence, her natural gravitation towards integrating live vocals over DJ sets would become a benchmark of Colette’s pioneering music career over the next three decades. Just two years after she began promoting at Mummy Bar in Chicago, Colette clocked in her first commercial dance release with 1996’s ‘Moments of Epiphany’ EP.

It would be 2000’s first official mix compilation, “In The Sun” released on Afterhours, that would broaden her visibility to even wider audiences. After being signed to Nettwerk America, the release of 2001’s “Our Day” expanded her mobility to being able to co-host the nationally syndicated radio show “Maximum Rotation.” Until 2004, Colette and her on-air partner, Kevin Dees produced the show from the iconic KIIS-FM radio station in Los Angeles.2001 saw Colette beginning a 9-Year DJ residency at Smartbar Chicago, leading up to her 2003 "Breakthrough DJ” win at the DanceStar USA Awards. A direct opportunity for a prominent feature in a global campaign, she was chosen to star in Motorola’s 2003 marketing effort alongside Felix Da Housecat and Paul Van Dyk.

Consequentially, this same campaign commercial won “Best Song In A Commercial” at the following 2004 US Dancestar Awards.From 2000-04, Colette would be a featured artist on a handful of 12” singles that would see her connecting with progressively larger and more international record labels such as Classic (UK), Brique Rouge (FR), Icon Recordings (US), Moody Recordings (US), and Nordic Trax (CA) leading up to her first single, “Feelin’ Hypnotized”, from her debut artist album, 2005’s ‘Hypnotized’ for San Francisco’s OM Records.

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